Firebird Touch Therapy

  • TINCTURES ~ Metered Dropper for Dog Weight Dosing.

    Our 1 oz tinctures are 630 milligrams of full planet organic high cbd cannabis feco suspended in avocado oil. A metered dosing dropper is included and on the label you can find the correct dose for your pet by weight. Remember these are suggested dosing guidelines, your individual pets needs and results may vary.

  • Syringes ~ SMALL DOG, 5-20 Lbs

    31mls CBD each dose.
    Each pack contains 7 single doses.

  • syringes ~ MEDIUM DOG, 21-45 Lbs

    63mls CBD each dose.
    Each pack contains 7 single doses.

  • Syringes ~ LARGE DOG, 46-100 Lbs

    126mls CBD each dose.
    Each pack contains 7 single doses.

  • Syringes ~ EXTRA LARGE DOG, 100+Lbs

    151mls CBD each dose.
    Each pack contains 7 single doses.

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